Welcome everyone to the release of iCPPrizes! We are very proud to present you iCPPrizes Version 3.0! Your top source for Club Penguin codes! The 3.0 part is just the number of times we went UNDER CONSTRUCTION mode. We are quite proud to show you our present theme after months being in construction mode. Continue reading for everything you need to know about our site, iCPPrizes!

   For you to get confortable around the site, I want to give you a mini tour. At the top, is our animated navbar. It makes it quicker to access the Homepage, the Giveaway page, the Apps page and my official Twitter page. We have monthly contests and almost daily code giveaways here on iCPPrizes. On our left sidebar, the top space is usually information for the current contest. If you go further down, you can see our site statistics, our site's upcoming events and EXTRA pages. On our right sidebar, we have our SEARCH BAR, our Featured Penguin spotlight, and our site's blogroll.

  You may be wondering "How did they get so many page views when they just opened?" Well, like said in the beginning, we've been in UNDER CONSTRUCTION mode 3 times already! All the time we were opened, we gained views. These views are past views and have not been deleted from our site since. If you have any more question, send it to us through our CONTACT US page! We reply back to all appropriate questions, suggestions or concerns.

  Thanks to IcequixCP, it was possible to make such an amazing theme within 2 days! Thank you for making the navigation bar's graphic and for coding it! Also, thank you Tigerkid1245 for the template.  Finally, we would like to thank our VIEWERS for visiting this site daily and making it a success!

   Enjoy the contests and giveaways we have planned for you in the future. It will be the most fun you ever had during a giveaway and/or contest!

- iCPPrizes Team

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