GOODBYE Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Hiya penguins!

It's here! It's here! The results to my GOODBYE Sweepstakes is finally here! A few months ago, CPPromotorWE advertised about the GOODBYE Sweepstakes through Twitter, through friends, and also through various CPPS. After months of looking through over 2500 entries, the iCPPrizes team has gathered the top 3 participants to each receive 1/3 of CPPromotorWE's codes! The top 2 runner-ups will receive 2 7-day memberships. Now without further ado, the results!

1st PLACE: Shinoeal18
2nd PLACE: Freezekgf
3rd PLACE: AznLoserFTW 

1st RUNNER-UP: Mica7708 
2nd RUNNER-UP: Kingyellow9

Thanks everyone for entering and thank you to the iCPPrizes Team for looking through all the entries and coming up with the results! Remember, if you didn't win, we will have many future giveaways on this site and we might even collaborate with another site... Who knows?

Until next time, Waddle On!


Hey penguins!

Do you like the site's look right now? You will love it more after we finish changing a few things on the site. It won't be big changes like the WHOLE theme. Just minor things. Here are just some of the things we plan on doing to the site:

  • NEW Graphic Shop 
  • Few sidebar changes 
  • NEW Poll design 
  • More information on our upcoming APP 
  • A bigger and better Giveaway schedule 
  • More giveaways
Remember that these are just some of the changes. There are many more to the list. If you want a little more information about our new Graphic Shop, click HERE. Our mini project is planned to be finished and released by March 13 2013. We may finish earlier or we may finish later. The whole iCPPrizes Team cannot wait to show everyone our new changes!


Waddle on!

- iCPPrizes Team


Hey there!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might know that I make free icons for people from time to time. When I was in the progress of making an icon, many people asks me to make them an icon. It was impossible for me to keep up with my icon requests on Twitter so I decided to open my own graphic store! It makes it easier and organizer to keep up with my requests.

My graphic shop is currently under construction but will be up and open for business at a estimated date of March 12 2013. It's not too far away so start thinking about what graphics you want to order! The question that everyone might be thinking right now while reading this post, I'm guessing, is "Are the graphics free?" My answer to everyone is "Of course!" I love making and helping people so there is no cost whatsoever.

If you order a graphic, we will send you your graphic 1-3 days through email or Twitter. So make sure you're following me or you won't get your graphic! Here are some graphics I made in the past:

November 2012

March 2013